Wednesday, September 2, 2009

So Long, JHU!

So, I'm sitting outside MSE enjoying my last hour at JHU before I leave for a year! I've been visiting for a week just to see people and tie up loose ends before I take off. It was a great time! I got to see so many people and reconnect before I depart. 

I also really enjoyed my visit to the Evergreen Museum & Library to see the Modernism at Evergreen: Erno Fabry exhibit that was the product of our Musuems & Societies class this part spring. It was amazing to see the fruits of our labors. The show was spectacular. The labels were particularly well done. I took lots of pictures so that I can always remember the first show I "curated"! Sadly, I won't be in Baltimore for the symposium on September 26th, but I look forward to hearing about it! 

I also stopped by and saw everyone at the Homewood House Museum. Another exciting visit was the one I made to the Walters Art Musuem where I got to see the installation of Jean-Baptiste Nini medallions that I helped organize. The fourth floor re-installation looks fabulous as well! Things flow very well and the mini-monographs about the Barbizon artists worked out very well indeed.

I spent a good amount of time just enjoying the beauty of campus and my friends. I sat on the Beach yesterday for a solid 4 hours just soaking in the sun.

It's been a mixture of sadness at leaving JHU which has been so much fun and my home for two years and total excitement about what's to come! I can't even begin to imagine how much I will be doing starting in TEN DAYS when I get to Paris. It's been really interesting to communicate with friends who are already abroad and hear what amazing times they are having. Makes me itch to get over there! I think the next week and a half will fly by as I try to cram my entire life into two suitcases. Can't wait to find out what part of Paris I'll be able to call my own.

That's all for now. Next time I write, hopefully I'll have a new address and a new home in PARIS.


  1. Dear Kit:
    Your friends at the Walters Art Museum wish you the best in Paris, the city of light, beauty, and marvels. Each day will be an adventure - enjoy! Savor the experience!
    John Shields, Baltimore

  2. Hey Kit!
    I'm so excited to follow your blog! A few times a year I always reflect on the trip we took in between 7th/8th grade to London and Paris-- it will always be one of my favorite memories! I'm sure you've been back many times since, but I hope you have a phenomenal experience spreading your wings abroad and exploring the world! All my love to you, and I look forward to following your adventures on this blog :o)
    xox-- Claire

  3. have fun
    I hear their are 23 city halls of paris ch