Thursday, September 17, 2009


After a very long wait, I have finally arrived in Paris. I've been here since Sunday. I stayed in the Latin Quarter in a very charming hotel with my parents until yesterday. Yesterday I moved to the FIAP in the 14eme to start my program with APA. We are staying at the FIAP (Foyer International d'Acceuil Paris) basically a nice hostel until tomorrow when we will be given our homestay assignments, something everyone in the program is anxiously awaiting.

The Latin Quarter was a great place to spend my first few days in Paris because it's close to where I'm going to be taking classes. La Sorbonne is at the heart of the 5eme. I also got to explore the Saint-Germain des Prés area. While searching for a place to eat one night, my father remembered a great meal he had had on the Rue Dauphine so we walked up and down it trying to find the gem of a restaurant. (It turned out to be under new managment but my father assured me that the pate was as good as he remembered.) While walking around, we began to see lots of signs for Arts Saint-Germain. The area just north of la Boulevard Saint-Germain and south of the Quai de Conti was filled with little roads covered in galleries. It was late Monday night when we were there so nothing was open, but we were still able to look into the windows and see all of the furniture and such displayed in the galleries.

I was able to look it up online and it looks like there's an association of art galleries in that area! I'm really excited to return and take my time looking at the individual galleries. I took a picture of this chair because it reminded me of a design that we had in the Erno exhibit at Evergreen! Gotta love European Modernism.

I also was walking along and saw a building with the name Flammarion on it. Flammarion is a French publishing company that I heard a lot about at Godine Publisher over the summer. I believe we've done books with them before. It was really cool to know what the name was, because the building was very nondescript.

And that's about all for now. Internet is very spotty and limited. Hopefully the next time I am able to write I will be settled in my home!

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  1. hi kit! i know you posted these a long time ago, but i stumbled upon your blog just now. I am in paris right now for the summer, interning at the pasteur institute. i got really excited when i read your blog and knew the places you were talking about (st. german de pres) and about listening to ppl on the metro. i totally do that too. anyway, can't wait to share our experiences in the fall!